We offer affordable and convenient online services in audio mastering, audio restoration, transfers, 3D audio, and mastering education that are affordable and convenient for you.

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Cost-Effective & Simple Audio Mastering

  • All audio mastering rates are on a per track basis, not an hourly basis: Whether you book an attended session or simply prefer our convenient iMastering services online. We encourage you to attend sessions at our studios – witness first hand how your tracks are made to sound like you envisioned!
    Transparent pricing = peace of mind.
  • We offer attractive incentives for all major and independent labels, as well as package deals for producers and talented independent artists, subscriptions and more!
  • NO RISK – SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Send us your mixed files for a free evaluation. Once approved, we offer up to two low-cost test masters of your music, and supply two versions of each. Best of all, our audio mastering rates include one free revision if needed.
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Unique Mastering Services

  • Fast Overnite-Mastering™: Send your files by 1am and have your mastered audio files the next morning by 11am. Audio mastering made in Germany and the US!
  • Special 3-D headphone masters. This is a special service we offer to provide a new experience for listeners with portable devices. Of course we also cover all standard release media and formats such as CD, Mastered For iTunes and even vinyl!
  • Audio Restoration: Our specialized audio repair and noise removal will bring old and otherwise damaged recordings back to life using new and emerging technologies, including audio forensics to make recordings more intelligible.
  • Audio Mastering Education: We offer special Sequoia-training for broadcast audio engineers and week-end seminars for aspiring mastering engineers, or sign up for a 12-week online course offered through Berklee.